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Abstract Paint

​Artist and Graphic Designer Jessica Curry creates unique, artsy & quirky products and clothing based on digital art and design for Gum Blossom Studio. Stand out from the crowd in uniquely designed wearable art.

Jessica is a self-taught multi-award winning Artist and Graphic Designer based in the Hunter Valley, Australia. She is a Nature Artist who specialises in creating realistic paintings of Flora and Fauna in Soft Pastels. While most of her time is dedicated to creating her fine art, she has a quirky personality and decided that while this doesn't come through in her fine art, it still needed an outlet. So this sister brand Gum Blossom Studio was launched.


Welcome my quirky friends and soul sisters to Gum Blossom Studio, where you can let your quirky and arty side run wild. Wear clothing that is authentically you, embrace your weird self and lets show the world who we really are. 

For anyone interested in seeing Jessica's Nature and Fine Art you can visit her here at 

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